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SAVE-the-DATE for the SOUTH CANOE GRAND OPENING - June 21st, 2015

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South Canoe Wind Farm

The Province of Nova Scotia has set a target of 25% renewable electricity by 2015 and 40% by 2020.  To enable the Province to achieve this goal, 355 GWh of renewable electricity have been awarded to Independent Power Producers (IPPs) through a competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) process, managed by the Renewable Electricity Administrator (REA).  The primary objective of the RFP process was to identify the renewable IPP projects that represent the best value for electricity ratepayers.  

On August 2nd, 2012 the REA announced that the South Canoe Wind Project was successful in the Request for Proposals for renewable electricity.  The procurement process administered by the REA started in September 2011. Nineteen proposals were submitted to the REA.  South Canoe was awarded two of three successful contracts.

A total of 102 MW was awarded to Oxford Frozen Foods (78 MW) and Minas Basin Pulp and Power (24 MW).  Nova Scotia Power is a 49 percent minority owner of each project.  

The project area is near the settlements of New Russell and Vaughan, located 25 km southwest of Windsor, Nova Scotia, on approximately 2,800 ha of land.  The site consists of a mix between hardwood forest (some logged), shrubby barren, mixed forest, and coniferous forest (some logged).  The project will include 34 wind turbines, which will produce enough energy to serve approximately 32,000 homes. To view the location of turbines, the transmission line, as well as which turbines will be equipped with aviation lighting, please see the updated project layout below.    

Community engagement activities, including a Community Liaison Committee for the project, are currently underway and will continue throughout project planning, construction, and operation.  To learn more about the Community Liaison Committee, please visit the Community page.  We look forward to engaging the community further as the project develops. 

For project notices, events, and newsletters, please consult the What’s New page.

To view a larger version of the layout and transmission line below, click here.

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South Canoe Wind Farm
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